Monday, May 23, 2011

365 and random thoughts....

I am in a very talkative mood these past 2 days.   But if you subscribe to my blog you obviously want to hear my randomness.   And if your my friend on facebook, you chose to click on the link! :).

I am going to take a picture of the kids each day for the next year.  I have seen this done by other blogs and friends and I want to do it.  Mainly for me but also for our families.   One of the first things Jeremy said last night when he got home was, "You guys have changed so much in 4 days.".   I don't see it.  I am with them everyday so I feel like I miss out on those subtle changes.   So for the next 365 days I am going to take a picture of the kiddos either separate or together everyday.  Also I am making a rule that I have to been in at least 1 picture every week. I am horrible at taking pictures with the kids.  One reason is I wear yoga pants and ginormous shirts most of the days and don't bother with hair and make up.  The other reason is I always have a double chin in pictures and it drives me insane. Maybe I can duct tape it back! BUT my insecurities are going to take a backseat to have photographic memories with my kiddos!   DON'T expect some grand picture!   It will be taken by me and if I have time I will use some kind of cool effect on Picnik.   

Random thoughts of the day
I am getting another stroller :)!   When I told Hilary her response was "Another one!"....  Haha, for a girl who hates strollers I sure do go through a lot of them.  I love my jogging stroller and that will never be going away BUT it is way massive and doesn't work in stores.   I currently have a Combi Twin stroller and I like it but its a side by side so it doesn't fit down narrow isles.  So I decided to start researching tandem strollers and I found this one 
So being the craigslist lover that I am, I found it for 1/2 price.  I am going to pick it up tomorrow!   Anyone want to buy a combi stroller?  I am selling one!

Another random thought is I have the worst luck with vehicles.   Jeremy thought he fixed my dead battery today but when I went to go pick up my craigslist find it was dead again!   So that's why I am getting it tomorrow!

Also I bought Greek yogurt for the first time on Friday and I LOVE IT!  So does Bristol.  She is currently covered in it!   

Well I need to get of the computer and do some house work like the good house wife I am!

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