Monday, April 4, 2011

running shoes...

I never thought I would get so excited over new running shoes.  In high school, I HATED to exercise.  I only had to do one semister of PE and then I got to elect out because I was a cheerleader.   I still hate doing exercise unless its fun.  For the first 3 years of our marriage Jeremy tried to get me to run with him!  He loves to run!  He would run 20 miles if he had the time.  I never understood it!  I mean who seriously wants to run!   WELL after Bristol was born, I needed to exercise.  It had to include her because gyms around her don't except babies into the nursery until 6 months!    So I decided to buy a treadmill.  I figured it was something I could do while Miss Fuss Fuss slept. So I ran on the treadmill for a couple weeks and then finally decided to use my jogging stroller for what it was intended for!   Turns out I love running outside.  I love the feel of my lungs burning, in a good way, from fresh air.  I love the fact that I am getting wonderful sun rays that hopefully will take away my casper-ness.  But most of all I love to run outdoors because it is something me and Jeremy can do together.  So today we placed the kids in the stroller and went for run.  Mind you it was only 30 minutes but give me a break I have had 2 kids in under 2 years!  Come this fall WE are going to do a 5K and I couldn't be more excited!  But first we both needed new running shoes!  So we went to Dick's tonight and got new running shoes!  I can't wait to break them in tomorrow.

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