Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My week...

has been wonderful!   Jeremy has been off since Friday @ 3!   Normally he would have have had all day Friday off but he had safety training.  I have gotten so much sewing done this week!   How you ask?  Because I have an amazing husband.  He has been taking care of Miss Bristol all week so I can work when Eldon is napping!   I don't think he would have had much choice though.  Bristol Rose loves to spend time with her daddy!  She has major meltdowns when he goes in the garage without her!   She wakes up in the morning and makes him put on her shoes so that she can chase him anytime he tries to escape her!   So Bristol and Jeremy go out to play in the garage on a regular basis.  And on the amazing husband note, Jeremy made a space for my sewing stuff in the garage!   I have nowhere to sew in the house!  I cut all my fabric at the dinning room table!  And the only time I get a chance to sew is when Bristol's napping but if I start sewing it wakes her up.  So Jeremy moved me out to the garage!.   I am having so much fun with Fussy Junior's Fine Stitches!  

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