Friday, April 1, 2011

just my thoughts...

A lot has been going on these last couple days.  As you all already read , I had a wonderful day out on Tuesday.  Wednesday Jeremy was off work so I got a lot of sewing done.    Yesterday was Mops and as soon as I got home I went back to working on my new bag style!  Which came out just like I imagined.  I took it for a test drive today and it was perfect.   Yesterday afternoon when we got home, Bristol started running a middle temperature and she started having disgusting green snot again.  So I called and got her an appointment for this morning.   Well its a good thing that I called, Fussy girl has a double ear infection.   I felt really bad about this because I had a doctors appointment this afternoon.  SHE did amazing though!   Of course Eldon just sleeps through everything.  That boy would sleep all day if I let him!

Today was a really good day!   I woke up this morning dreading having to take 2 kids to the 2 different doctors appointment and Target without a stroller all on my own but I have to say it really wasn't that bad.  Its one of those times that I feel like I am one day going to get a handle on this 2 kid thing.

To top off our wonderful day, I decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather we are having.  SO I strapped the kids in the jogging stroller and went for a jog/stroll around the neighborhood.

Oh and another thing that made this day wonderful.... Fussy Junior's Fine Stitches made its first sell!   What a wonderful moment that was for me!  SOMEONE likes my creativity enough to pay for it!

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