Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I know you all are probably getting tired of hearing about my wonderful husband but let me tell you he struck again!   I have been super busy lately and I have to say the house is taking a major hit!   I already hate cleaning so now with Fussy Junior's Fine Stitches I put it off!  The house has been so embarrassing the last couple days!  Yesterday I finally got the majority of the it cleaned the only thing I didn't get tackled was the kitchen and bathrooms!   My plan was to clean the kitchen after the kiddos went to bed but I didn't!  I chose to sew instead!  I knew I wouldn't get the opportunity to do it till tonight because Eldon had PT this am and I needed to run to Hobby Lobby, Target, and the post office.  So as I was about to leave the house at 9am, Jeremy was just walking in, he has been on night shift for the last 4 days.   I figured he would take a shower and pass out until I got home and then of course Bristol would go wake him up!  NOPE, the amazing man cleaned the kitchen for me!   I was so dreading coming home because 1. I don't feel very good because Colorado is attempting to hit all 4 seasons in a span of 2 hours and 2. I knew the kitchen was a disaster!   My husband truly is amazing and always knows when I need help!   So now instead of having to clean after the kiddo's go to bed, I will be exercising, that is if I can breath, and working on orders!

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