Thursday, March 3, 2011


was a good day.  So was last night.  I am finally starting to feel human again!  Jeremy noticed as well.  Instead of telling me "You may not be a morning person" today he said "You are in a good mood!".   Want to know why I am in a good mood?  Well its because I am married to the most amazing man in the whole world who took over the 3am feed last night so I could get some good uninterrupted sleep.  He also did all the chores for the second night in the row so I could sew!    I love him so much and am so very thankful for him.  On a plus side Eldon still woke up to eat at 3,5, and, 7 but like I suspected he wasn't really hungry at 5 he just wanted to be held.  So I rocked him back to sleep and put him down and he woke up at 7.  So last night he went from 7-3 and the 3-7 without eating!  It was a wonderful thing.  Maybe tonight we will have a repeat!  Here's to hoping.  So since I got my wonderful much needed stretch of sleep last night, I beautified myself this morning.  We are talking the works hair, makeup, jewelry, and a cute outfit.  I even put on my wedding ring which is  rare thing because I have a tattoo version!  

Other thoughts that went through my head today, inspired by the MOPS discussion this morning, the BEST thing you can do for you kids, is have a healthy loving relationship with your husband.  It is so very true.  This is the motto in our house.  We always try to put our marriage first because in 18years (or more if they are slackers :) ) my kiddos will leave the nest and all I will have is Jeremy (which isn't a bad thing).  When we get to that empty nest I want to still be in love with my husband!  So tonight since we don't have a babysitter we are going to have a date night on the couch!   Pizza, a movie and some ice cream.  Sounds wonderful to me.    I probably wont be awake through the whole movie but I will attempt it!  

 This is my put together self today!
This is the fabric for the diaper bag I am making for a gift but I think it needs to be made into a diaper bag for myself as well!  

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