Thursday, March 17, 2011

My little old man: 2 months old!

He has been here for 2 months now!   I still don't feel like we have a groove yet!  Every time I think we are getting close to finding a pattern he laughs at it and throws it completely off!   He was sleeping 10 hours straight for a week and then these last 2 nights he has gone back to waking 2 to 3 times a night.  He's not hungry he just wants to be cuddled!   I am trying to enjoy these cuddle sessions but its really hard for this mama who needs her sleep! I would give up breastfeeding right now if I wasn't so cheap! But I would still have to get up with him when Jeremy isn't home.

He is definitely a grumpy old man!  He has this ear splitting scream and he uses it whenever he disapproves of something your doing!  Such as not feeding him fast enough, torturing him by making him do tummy time, making him go to sleep anywhere but his swing.    This little guy has a love affair with his swing!   We have already gone through like 4 sets of batteries, that's how much he loves it!  I do try to limit the time he spends in it but he is persistent when he wants something.

I am definitely having a hard time believing that his already 2 months old today!

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