Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Day OUT!

It was wonderful.   Jeremy told me on Sunday that I was taking the day of on Tuesday.  I really didn't think it was going to happen.  So I tried not to get my hopes up.  I woke up this morning very much looking forward to my day off.   Eldon had physical therapy this morning and Jeremy was sleeping since he worked until 6am.  So I kept telling myself, you only have to make it till 1.  It was hard.  Bristol was not feeling well at all today and actually threw up in her crib.   So I almost didn't go.  I didn't want to be selfish and take a day off when my baby was sick.  BUT I needed it.  I have been very low on patience and when she gets sick she does nothing but whine all day.  So I let daddy take over. Because he can take care of a sick baby just as well as I can.  It was wonderful!  I went to Costco, Target, Joann's, and the nail salon.  I sped through Costco, because that's what a mom of 2 does.  When I was checking out I realized, Oh wait I don't have the kids with me.  So I took my precious time in Joann's, which is very dangerous to the checking account.  Like I even have time to sew but I still love to go into Joann's and buy stuff. I had to get fabric for my new diaper bag.  I am obsessed with bags, but I hate all the diaper bags out there.  SO I just make my own!   So I bought that.  Then I saw some really cool fabric that would have made an awesome dress for Bristol but I refrained from buying.  I have my diaper bag to make and one to finish for a gift!  Maybe once that is done another trip to Joann's is in order.   I went to the sewing machine section.  I have been dreaming about an embroidery sewing machine for months now.  My dream would be to make diaper bags, personalize them with embroidery, and sell them.  I love to sew bags more than anything else.   I saw a sewing machine I would love to have!  The price tags was $4500.   That's a CAR!   That's how much money I am willing to spend on my next vehicle and here I am looking at a sewing machine for that price.  BUT let me tell you this was a beautiful sewing machine!   Maybe one day we will be millionaires and I can waste my money on a $4500 sewing machine!    Target was up next.  I had 2 goals.  The first was to buy my new favorite shirt in another color.   This drives my sister insane.  Once I find an article of clothing I like, I buy it in every color that will look good on me.  Currently I have this shirt in 4 colors!   I won't be buying anymore because the other 3 colors would NOT complement my skin color, which if you don't know is Albino color!   Not much goes with Casper white!    My second goal was to find a new pair of jeans.  That was a waste of time.   I hate jean shopping!   I didn't find any I like!    My favorite jeans are American Eagle jeans and I should just not even bother looking anywhere else!    After that I went and got a pedicure.  YES there was snow on the ground this morning and I went and beautified my toes!  But they are PRETTY!   In case you don't know, I LOVE PEDICURES!

When I got home, I had a bit of a nervous break down because the house was still a mess and dinner wasn't made but its all good now because I understand why Jeremy couldn't get that stuff done!  ITS impossible to do anything with 2 children unless they are asleep!

My beautiful toes!  

Monday, March 28, 2011

Life with 2 under 2.....

The last 4 days have been super hard.   Bristol has been really whinny and very uncooperative.    Eldon is on some kind of 4 day growth spurt but today has by far been the worst.  All the kid wants to do is eat!   Jeremy has been on night shifts so he has been sleeping in the mornings and then wakes up to help me from 1-3.   Life has been HARD!    So today, I needed a break.  I reheated my coffee 3 times this morning and still didn't drink it.  So when Jeremy woke up at 1, I decided we needed Starbucks!   Well the whole plan was to go on my own.  Bristol wasn't having any of it!  Then minute I put on my shoes she started running around the house say "shoush, shoush" of course in toddler speak this is shoes.  So I decided to take her with me!  Yep so we both left the house at 1pm in our pj's and ugg's!   Yes I know these pj's don't fit her but when you dryer is broken you have to wear the clean small pairs!  It is now 6:30 and she is still in her pj's!  Don't worry she is getting a bath after she finishes eating and will be put into a clean pair of pj's!   
 Rockin the small pj's and ugg's!
 As you can see I am not looking so hot myself!
 I am very against giving my children sugar.  Heck she doesn't even get juice unless she is constipated!  But the last 4 days have been killer so she got a cup full of whip cream at Starbucks, 
also known as a "Doggie Latte"
This is the only way he likes to sleep on us!   

Friday, March 25, 2011


Several people have told us that raising a boy is WAY different that raising a girl!  I am not really sure how that is possible.   Bristol is into EVERYTHING.  She is way to creative!   I am not sure how she comes up with the stuff but she does!  Jeremy's mom always tells this story about how Jeremy wanted a cape so she made him one.  Turns out he wanted a cape because he thought it would make him FLY off the roof!  HAHA!  BRISTOL WILL NOT BE GETTING A CAPE!  

I just love folding clothes!  
Yes instead of telling her NO right away, I whipped out the video camera!  
I am not sure why I even bother putting the toys back in the bins at night because she dumps them out to use for anything but toy storage! 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Our Jealous Toddler....

I knew the jealousy was going to happen sooner or later but since its been 9 weeks without any major acting out I had hoped maybe Bristol just loves being a big sister so much that there was going to be no jealousy!  I think sleep deprivation was making me loopy in thinking that there would be no jealousy issues.  I think what triggered it was our chaotic doctors appointment on Monday!   Bristol is so used to being the center of attention and she wasn't.  The doctor paid attention to her and Eldon and that was just not acceptable.   So we are being punished!   Today every time I put Eldon in his play mat, Turbo decides she wants to be in there too.  It would be fine if she got in there in a proper way but instead the little turkey has to climb over this side of the mat! Yep and with her very coordinated moves she usually ends up falling.  Thankfully since Mommy is right there to catch her she hasn't fallen on Eldon, YET!    Then I proceed to tell her no and she runs to a corner and puts her nose in it!  Still not sure where she picked this up from!  But its cute!  Of course every time I try to get it on video she stops!  

Needless to say we are trying to find a balance between giving her enough attention and not rewarding her for bad behavior!

It may look like she is loving on her brother, BUT in all reality she was mad that I was taking a picture of Eldon so she felt the need to crush him to get in the picture!  YEP, its hard!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Not a good idea...

It is not a good idea to schedule both kids for the well baby/child visit at the same time!  Wooooo! am I exhausted and its only 10:30am!     We where at the doctors for an hour and a half!     I will not be doing that again!   I was that "frazzled-totally unorganized-can you repeat that" mother today and Jeremy was right there with me!    First off mistake #1 was that I scheduled the appointment for 8:30am which poses the problem of feeding the kiddos. Bristol is easy because we just woke her up at 7 which is an hour earlier than her usual 8am wake up time.     But Eldon is on a 4 hour feeding schedule which starts at 8am which was the time we had to walk out the door.   If I fed him early it would throw off his whole day so there for I pumped to take it with us!    Well that didn't work out so great.  His reflux is really bothering him today so Jeremy ended up covered in baby puke and Eldon conked out after only eating half his bottle!     It was just a really long morning!  [and it's not over!]  Way to much going on to be organized in any way!  

Update on the kiddos: (with the help of the cheat sheets because I would not have remembered this)

Bristol @ 18 months is 27 lbs and 31.9 inches long.

Eldon @ 2 months is 12 lbs 6.5 oz and 23.3 inches long.  Which is 6oz lighter and 1 inch longer than Bristol was at 2 months!  

Did I mention my morning started at 4:30am with only about half a cup of coffee?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Words are not enough...

Where to start.... happy 31st birthday to my wonderful amazing husband!  Also 6 amazing years ago today I met this wonderful man!   If someone had told me that night that I was going to meet the man of my dreams I would have laughed at them!   Then I would have told them that all men are butt heads and I want nothing to do with them!   I know God laughed at me every time I said this.  He was probably saying "just wait..."  because he had created this amazing man 25 years before and I was going to meet him that night.  One of his friends asked a friend of mine to dance and she said only if my friend has someone to dance with!  Yes that is how pathetic I am!  But my pathetic-ness brought me the most amazing gift.  Jeremy kept coming back and asking me to dance all night long!  This was the first time I had ever be pursued and at first I didn't know what to think but after a while it made me feel very lucky!    We ended up sitting by each other in Denny's that night and he started texting me!  This is probably the reason we always text each other even when we are in the same room!   He asked me to share his very disgusting Reese's Pieces Peanut Butter Cheese Cake, I forced every bite down!   And that's how it all began!    8 months later we where married!    

Jeremy is not perfect but he is the perfect man for me!   Our lives are so intertwined and I love it.   I have a hard time when he is not around because I miss him so much!   We both turn into big grumps when we haven't spent enough time together.    He is an amazing person, husband, and father.    I am so glad that Bristol has him to show her how a husband is supposed to treat his wife and I am so very thankful that Eldon will have him to show him exactly how his wife should be treated!    He is always willing to change poopy diapers, get up at 3 am, rock them to sleep, play on the ground with Bristol, clean the kitchen, and take out the trash!    He tells me all the time "All you have to do is ask!".  I am one very lucky girl!   He works so hard to support us!   He is just such an amazing man!  I can not express in words how thankful I am for him and how truly blessed I am to have him in my life.  

Thank you Bill and Cathy for raising such an amazing man!  You should be very proud of him!   

Happy 31st Birthday my sexy old man!   

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 Wedding 11.12.2005
Laramie 2006

Thursday, March 17, 2011

My little old man: 2 months old!

He has been here for 2 months now!   I still don't feel like we have a groove yet!  Every time I think we are getting close to finding a pattern he laughs at it and throws it completely off!   He was sleeping 10 hours straight for a week and then these last 2 nights he has gone back to waking 2 to 3 times a night.  He's not hungry he just wants to be cuddled!   I am trying to enjoy these cuddle sessions but its really hard for this mama who needs her sleep! I would give up breastfeeding right now if I wasn't so cheap! But I would still have to get up with him when Jeremy isn't home.

He is definitely a grumpy old man!  He has this ear splitting scream and he uses it whenever he disapproves of something your doing!  Such as not feeding him fast enough, torturing him by making him do tummy time, making him go to sleep anywhere but his swing.    This little guy has a love affair with his swing!   We have already gone through like 4 sets of batteries, that's how much he loves it!  I do try to limit the time he spends in it but he is persistent when he wants something.

I am definitely having a hard time believing that his already 2 months old today!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Our wonderful RELAXING weekend!

These words don't go together very often for me.  Jeremy works two weekends a month which are 17 hour days for him. The last 2 months and the next 3 another weekend was/will be taken up by drill.  So that leaves us one weekend to ourselves which is usually consumed with grocery shopping, which both of us hate.   I hate meal planning, list making, and having to wait in the lines at the store.   Friday we went to Costco and Target as a family!   We bought Bristol her own potty.   A huge step!   I am not ready to commit to potty training but since she is so fascinated by what goes on in the bathroom we decided to get her one.  Our hope is that she will be familiar with it by the time we are ready to potty train in late June, early July.  She is not to sure what to think of it right now and she would much rather store things in it than sit on it.  Later on Friday I had my follow up appointment on my cyst!   It hasn't gotten any better and I still have to wear band aids over it because it is always leaking.   Bad news is I am having it removed, the good news is that it wont becoming back!    I am really not looking for to having chunk of my back removed but that's what I get for procrastinating.   Saturday morning Jeremy volunteered at the Car Care Clinic at church.  He really enjoys donating his time as a mechanic for single moms and spouse's of deployed military!   He was thinking about cancelling since he has so much to do but I pushed him to do it because I knew he would enjoy it!   HE DID!  When he got home, me and Bristol went on a  Mommy and Bristol date to the grocery store and Target again while Eldon stayed home and slept in his swing in the garage while Jeremy worked on the truck.  His first time helping daddy in the garage.   It was so nice to just be able to have some special time with Miss Fuss Fuss.  It was really enjoyable and she was very well behaved in the store.   Saturday night we went to Church and like the bad parents we are we stuck the kids in the nursery!  I know I am such a bad mom for putting my 7 week old in the nursery where he will be exposed to so many bad things!   HAHA, yeah right!  They get exposed to way more germs at the doctors office!  Bristol loves the nursery and has been going in it since she was 1 week old!    She loves it so much that she holds out her hands to the attendants and doesn't even wave goodbye to us!   Sunday we relaxed.  We finally took the doggies to the dog park for some much over due exercise and some much over due exercise for us.   Ollee bear was so excited on the way there he was howling.  Yes our Australian Red was the one howling, not the Husky/Coyote mix!    Blondie even barked a little which is rare for her!   They where so well behaved, I was one proud mama!

How did we relax, you ask?  Well we didn't but it was a nice stress free very busy weekend.  It was filled with so much family time!  It was a wonderful weekend.  I definitely needed a relaxing weekend!  Jeremy was supposed to work Monday through Wednesday and then drill Thursday through Saturday but he got the flu and an ear infection!  Yuck.  He slept for 20 hours yesterday!  Yes I am jealous!

I can believe Eldon is 2 months old on tomorrow and Jeremy is 31 on Saturday!  Yikes, my old men are GETTING old!   I just hope Jeremy is feeling better by Saturday so we can do something for his birthday!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Random Thoughts For Today!

I have 2 random thoughts going through my head today, which are not at all related!  Number 1 is that I always say "We're teething!"  and number 2 I hate when kitchens are not a separate room!

"We're Teething"
Technically this is not true, but it sure seems like it!   Bristol may be the one who has incredibly sharp-looking teeth poking through her gums, but I am the one who has to deal with the side effects.  Grumpiness, random tantrums, NO naps, telling her to stop sticking things in her mouth, making the tough decision on when to medicate and when not to medicate!  AND then the tooth breaks through and my happy little girl is back!   

I seriously hate our kitchen!  Our living area is a "great room" so the living room, dining room, and kitchen are all one big open space.   Well I don't clean through out the day, it is much easier to do it once the kids are in bed.  If I even try to load the dishwasher when Bristol is awake she wants to help.  Either by taking the dirty dishes or  by getting her little hands dangerously close to knifes.  So I don't even bother.  The down side to this is my living area always looks messy because you can always see into the dirty kitchen.  At least with all of Bristol's toys I have an excuse but the kitchen just makes me look like a horrible house keeper (which I am).   So here is my thought; kitchens, dining rooms, and living rooms should all be separate rooms.

That is all!  

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Coffee, Hot Showers, and my Parenting Style!

This is what is going through my head this morning!   I have to have a hot shower in the morning.  It is imperative.       And by hot I mean scalding hot!   When I don't get my hot shower, I am a complete grump!   Just ask my parents, when they where visiting the took away my hot water!  Coffee..... I love the stuff!  I would probably drink it all day long if it didn't upset Eldon's stomach.  As it is I have to have 2 cups, well now just 1 cup in my mega 20oz Starbucks cup.   And it has to be "designer" coffee beans, no Folgers or any of the other cheap stuff!     We recently where given a coffee grinder as a gift and it is the best thing in the world.  I love grinding the beans and smelling them!  I know I am a weirdo!    I look forward to it!  I am always offering to grind beans for Jeremy's coffee as well, I don't necessarily want to make the coffee I just like to sniff the beans!  Maybe I need help, is there a rehab program for a chronic coffee bean sniffer?   Anyways you get the point, my day is not complete without a hot shower and coffee!    Most days I don't get to take my hot shower until Bristol takes her morning nap around 10 or 10:30 but I still make it a point to get a nice long hot shower!

On to my parenting style!   According to most parenting philosophy's today, I am abusing my children.  Also I am draining them of all there imagination and creativity!  Why, you ask, its because I "schedule" them!   I am all about the schedule.  Now I should mention that I will adapt it if need be, but the one part I wont change is they have an 8pm bed time or earlier if need be!   Its just how it is!   I do all my cleaning at night for the most part so for me to get to bed by 10pm I normally start my routine right when they fall asleep.   I will admit Eldon is stubborn and just laughs at my schedule for the most part.  But he does go with it sometimes!    I fully believe in my schedules!  Bristol functions way better when she know what to expect.  She has a harder time when we just go with the flow!  And most of the time she beats me to whatever it is we do next!   She will go get a wash cloth and bring it to me because she knows it is bath time, or she will start looking for blanket and Mr Bear before nap time.   But here is the kicker, She has an IMAGINATION!   She is so creative.   She loves to pretend play, she is very in to figuring stuff out!  She isn't some robot!  So HA to the philosophy's that think I am abusing my children, because obviously something is working for us!  

Monday, March 7, 2011

18 months old!

18 months, WOW!   I can't believe it has gone by so fast!  This beautiful little girl changed our life 18 months ago!   She is such an amazing little thing.   I remember at first we felt kind of disappointed because we had waited 40 weeks for her to come out and play with us and all she wanted to do was eat, sleep, and poop!   But since she has started moving she hasn't stopped.  Bristol is so full of energy, excitement, awe, wonder, and silliness.  She is such a little attention grabber!   She loves to have you watching her craziness!  But at the same time she is super independent!  She would much rather play by herself than with us!    She amazes me with how much she loves Eldon already!   She loves to get down on the floor and play with him!   She is such an amazing little girl!  

We Love you Miss Fuss Fuss!  

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18 months old!  
She wasn't feeling the happy face today!

Friday, March 4, 2011


I am getting really sick of people watching me and making comments about my children's age!  I mean seriously!   I CAN HEAR YOU!  Even if I can't hear what you are saying, the leaning close to each other and whispering while looking right at us is a dead give away.  Does it ever occur to these people that this was planned?   YES, we planned for Eldon to be born this close to Bristol.  NO it is not easy but that does not give you the right to comment on my situation.  NO it is not for everyone but personally I love my children and wouldn't change it for the world.   And pointing out the obvious, "WOW you are going to have your hands full!"  WOW you don't think I haven't already figured that out?  YOU try juggling a diaper bag and 2 kids!   Thank goodness for handicap buttons on doors and very kind people who realize that instead of commenting on how hard it must be they actually do something to help me out by OPENING up a door for me!  Okay that's the end of my rant!

Now some pictures of my little ones!
 Eldon you need some music!
"Hey guys!"  

Thursday, March 3, 2011


was a good day.  So was last night.  I am finally starting to feel human again!  Jeremy noticed as well.  Instead of telling me "You may not be a morning person" today he said "You are in a good mood!".   Want to know why I am in a good mood?  Well its because I am married to the most amazing man in the whole world who took over the 3am feed last night so I could get some good uninterrupted sleep.  He also did all the chores for the second night in the row so I could sew!    I love him so much and am so very thankful for him.  On a plus side Eldon still woke up to eat at 3,5, and, 7 but like I suspected he wasn't really hungry at 5 he just wanted to be held.  So I rocked him back to sleep and put him down and he woke up at 7.  So last night he went from 7-3 and the 3-7 without eating!  It was a wonderful thing.  Maybe tonight we will have a repeat!  Here's to hoping.  So since I got my wonderful much needed stretch of sleep last night, I beautified myself this morning.  We are talking the works hair, makeup, jewelry, and a cute outfit.  I even put on my wedding ring which is  rare thing because I have a tattoo version!  

Other thoughts that went through my head today, inspired by the MOPS discussion this morning, the BEST thing you can do for you kids, is have a healthy loving relationship with your husband.  It is so very true.  This is the motto in our house.  We always try to put our marriage first because in 18years (or more if they are slackers :) ) my kiddos will leave the nest and all I will have is Jeremy (which isn't a bad thing).  When we get to that empty nest I want to still be in love with my husband!  So tonight since we don't have a babysitter we are going to have a date night on the couch!   Pizza, a movie and some ice cream.  Sounds wonderful to me.    I probably wont be awake through the whole movie but I will attempt it!  

 This is my put together self today!
This is the fabric for the diaper bag I am making for a gift but I think it needs to be made into a diaper bag for myself as well!  

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I have been asked before why I call Miss Bristol this.  I really didn't have a reason it's just been my nickname for her since she started crawling.  Well today I came up with a concrete reason why I call her turbo.  She was hanging out in the garage with daddy this afternoon, one of her favorite things in the world to do and she was going non stop.  She was on her turbo mode.  She was sitting on the thinking couch and then she would run over and get into Daddy's bolt supply and then run over to something else to try and put the bolts on it.  Then the next thing you knew she was running out of the garage for the front yard giggling her head off. She is so much fun.  She is always going and really doesn't have an off button!  She is definitely my little tom boy in a tutu and flower hair clip!

 Sitting on the thinking couch!
 Her very dirty hands!
I think she has been watching Daddy way to much, she is trying to turn the lock on the seat so she can take the seat off and plug the battery back in!  
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