Friday, February 11, 2011

My procrastination did NOT pay off!!!!

So I have had a cyst on my back right above my bra line since I was pregnant with Bristol.  One of the many wonderful things people don't mention about pregnancy is it is very common to have skin growths, cyst, and moles that attack your body during said pregnancy.  I have had all of these over my 2 pregnancy's.   Well this cyst wasn't bothering me so I was just leaving it be while I was pregnant and planned to have it drained after Eldon was born.  Well about a week after I delivered my grumpy old man it started to become red and painful.  So I called the dermatologist and scheduled an appointment for today.  Well on Wednesday it had become so painful I couldn't even put pressure on it which was making sitting very awkward!   Jeremy made me call the doctors office and see if I could come in.   They said sure.  I got in there and the doctor informed that he was going to drain it, which I expected.  What I did not expect was the pain that would be involved.   He numbed all around it but could not get under it where the true pain was coming from.  So he then proceeded to cut it open and squeeze like a pimple.  OW!   I cried pretty much the whole time while my very loving husband let me squeeze the crud out of his hand!    Today Jeremy had an appointment with the same doctor so he asked if he could just look at my back to make sure its healing okay because the last 2 days its still been oozing puss and blood.  Good thing he looked because its infected and the cyst is trying to come back.  So now I am on antibiotics in hopes that it will clear up but if not I get the wonderful pleasure of going back to have it drained a second time. To sum up my story, if you have a cyst get it taken care of before it becomes irritated!   :)  Here are some pictures of my painful experience!

 When it first started it out
After he numbed it up
 Wednesday after it was drained

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