Monday, January 24, 2011


I have to say its a little easier the second go around!   Don't get me wrong it is not easy to have 2 kids under 2 but this time I feel like I knew what to expect and I am better prepared.   But there are also things I have completely forgotten!  How is that possible when Bristol is only 16 months old?  I forgotten how long it takes to get an infant ready for an outing and how much JUNK you need!  With Bristol I just have to make sure I have a sippy cup, snack cup, and diapers, NOT so much with Eldon!   Also I have to make sure I have at least an hour to feed him because on the days we have somewhere to be you can bet that's when he will take his sweet time nursing!   I also forgot how amazing a new baby is!  How all you want to do is sit and stare at your new bundle of joy!  How they love to be held, not so much with the very busy Bristol!   Me and Jeremy have been trying to figure out who he looks like for days the only thing I can decide on is that he has the same nose as Bristol!  He also has some pretty blue eyes that look like they could be the color of his Grandpa Marks in the future!

I hate being pregnant but to see the end results was worth the 38 weeks of miserableness! 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Our first days home....

We got home yesterday around 5 pm!   It was craziness in our house!  Bristol, the dogs, and Eldon!     Bristol wasn't really sure what to think of her brother but she sure doesn't like when he cries.  She either cries or runs back and forth from me to Jeremy!   She is doing really good with his feedings!  She is either content to sit next to me or like she is doing right now play on her own!

Today was a lot better and I think its cause we started fresh this morning!  Bristol got up at around 8!    Mommy and daddy made blueberry pancakes for breakfast!  Daddy gave Bristol a bath while mommy soaked in the tub herself!   Then daddy and Bristol went to the parts store!   When they got home we all ate lunch and then Bristol and Eldon took a 3 hour nap!  Mommy slept to!  

We ate dinner! Now Bristol is playing with her toys while I feed Eldon and play on my phone!  I have to say our first full day at home hasn't gone to bad!  Hopefully when Jeremy leaves on Friday everything will run just as smoothly!

Introducing Eldon Jeremy....

Our handsome little man arrived 2 weeks early, Monday January 17th at 8:37 am! After 3 days of start and stop contractions we where very frustrated! When I woke up Monday at 1am to very painful contractions happening every 10 minutes I thought "oh boy, her we go again! Another sleepless night!" Well about 30 minutes later they went down to every 6 mins! I prayed "God if this is the real deal please make them speed up fast or stop them so I can go to bed!" About 15 mins later the went down to every 5 minutes! Woo hoo the magic number! I could go get my epidural! I woke up Jeremy and we finished packing and left to drop Bristol off and head to the hospital! The car ride was horrible and by the time we got to the hospital they where coming every 3 to 4 mins! They checked me and I was at a 6! Doctor okayed my epidural! I got it around 5:30 and went to a happy pain free place! My next goal was to keep Eldon in until my doctor came on call at 7 am! When they came to check on me at 7:30am, I was a 10! My water had not broken and Eldon hadn't dropped! At 8am the doctor came in and broke my water! Eldon did not like it at all! His heart rate dropped super low and they where afraid that they where going to have to take him by c section! Thankfully once I changed positions he got happy again! The doctor decided to let him rest a little ! At 8:25 I was ready to push! Eldon Jeremy was born at 8:37am after 3 more contractions! And to every one's great surprise he was not 9lbs! Thank goodness! Instead he is a perfect little string bean at 7lbs 9 oz, 20 inches long!
I think he looks like a grumpy old man in the picture!

Friday, January 14, 2011

A typical day in the Bennett house!

So today started out like any day!  Jeremy was working nights and on his way home the suburban broke down!  Mind you this is at 7:30 am and my doctors appointment is at 9:30! He broke down about 45 minutes from home!   So being that the suburban is our only running vehicle I have no way to go rescue him!  Thankfully a buddy of his could come to his rescue!   So I go about getting ready for my appointment and 8:30 rolls around!  I call Jeremy because I figure he should be on his way home !  Turns out when he got out of the car he left the keys in the ignition!    And the car is LOCKED!   There is no way he is going to make it home by 9 to leave for my appointment!  Thankfully a friend of mine could come to my aid and she had a spare car seat for Bristol!   Well I got to my appointment on time!  

I get back in the room and she's doing all her measurements and she says "I am not going to say anything until I know for sure" I am thinking "Oh no!"  so she says "he is measuring 9lbs 4 oz!"  WOW!   

Next is my NST! Which I have been looking forward to because I have been having irregular contractions all week and I wanted to see if they where strong enough to register!  They where! 

Off to see my doc!  As I walk by her office she says "that's a big baby".   She told me she can induce me in my 39th week!  I am still at 2cm but I did go from 25% effaced to 50% effaced!  Yay for slight progress!  She asked if she could strip my membranes!  I totally agreed!  I figured she wouldn't offer until next week!   When I had them stripped with Bristol I went into labor 3 days later!

So will all this chaos lead to baby Eldon being born soon?   If not he will make his way into the world on the 25th!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

22 days...

I cannot wait to meet this little guy!   I am so excited that we only have 22 more days to go!   At the same time I look at Fuss Fuss running around and I just want to savor these last 22 days that I have with her as my only child!    She is such a joy to have!   I know she is going to make an amazing big sister!   She loves to lift up my shirt and rub my belly or lay her head on my stomach!   I also know that she is going to have a hard time adjusting to not being the star of the show all the time!    I still think she will do amazing though!  I can't wait until Eldon is old enough to play with her!  I can't wait to see what her expression is when she meets her little brother for the first time!   22 days still seems like a life time away but I am going to spend it loving on my little girl so that she knows she is still just as special even though there will be another little human being demanding our attention!  

Thursday, January 6, 2011

36 weeks: Doctor appointment, nursery, and life in general!

I made it to 36 weeks!  Well I should say WE have made it to 36 weeks because Jeremy has been a wonderful, amazing, and very helpful and understanding husband!   I swear I never thought this day would come... 3 days ago! I had my 36 week check up yesterday where I found out that I am 2 cm dilated and 25% effaced! Not saying much since I was there for 3 weeks with Bristol! My fluid levels are good and he passed the non stress test with flying colors! The doctor said he seems very happy in my tummy!

The nursery is finally finished!   As you can remember from a week or so ago I still had to clean it out!   Well its done!   We sold the treadmill and spare bed because there was just no place for them!   We will join a gym again after Eldon is born so I can get my baby weight off and then in the spring and summer I will jog with them!  We still have no place for the desk, other than the nursery, but neither of us wants to part with it!  So either it will go into the trailer after Eldon is born because Jeremy can't move it on his own or I will refinish it and it will go in our room!   

I am really happy with how the nursery came out!   I made everything this time around!  For Bristol's nursery her wonderful and very creative Aunt Tawny did all her bedding!    The window curtains took me FOREVER to do but I am really pleased with how they turned out!   I am so happy its all done and now all it needs is Eldon! 

We have made it to a new year!   I am really excited for this year because we get to me our new baby!   I am also excited to see what God has planned for us!   I feel like we are in limbo and I am hoping this year everything will settle down and we will know where we will be for a while!    I am not a New Years resolution type of person but I am a goal setter!   My goal for this year, is to run a marathon!  Its something I have wanted to do since I took up jogging last spring but obviously I cant do it with a baby in my belly!  So once Eldon is born, Jeremy and I are going to pick an event and start training!  I am so excited!   

So within the next 3 weeks we will be come a family of 7 (including our doggies)!   I can't wait!  I am also very terrified!  All that's left to get is our double stroller and a monitor!  

Bristol name with her completed picture board!  It only took us 15 months to put up pictures of our Fuss Fuss!

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