Thursday, December 30, 2010

Doctor's appointment and crafts!

I know this is a really odd combination for this post! 

Today I had my 35 week check up which included my first ever non stress test and amniotic fluid index ultrasound.   I was scared out of my mind!  I also thought for sure they would find something wrong and we would have go to the hospital and have a baby right away.  So this morning I went and got the rest of everything essential that we needed for Eldon except a diaper pail and diapers!  I didn't get a diaper pail because I didn't like Target's options and I didn't feel like driving to Baby's R Us just for a diaper pail!   I hate driving in this town but that is a whole different post!   I decided I needed to be as ready as possible going into today's appointment!    Well we got to the office and had about a 15 minute wait which makes you stress even more!   We get in the room she does her measurements and then lets us see our baby boy for about 10 minutes!   We got to see him playing in my belly and let me tell you this kid has BIG feet already!    Then we went to do the NST!   Bristol wasn't happy that she couldn't sit with me because I had monitors strapped to my belly and Eldon was not pleased with the monitors either!    He was a crazy man trying to kick them off!   The plus side was the chair I had to sit in was super comfortable!      I want one for my living room.  Normally I am not a fan of recliners but let me tell you this one was comfy!  I could live with its ugliness!  We then saw the doctor, who wasn't my usual OB, he said everything looked golden.  We got on the subject of Eldon's weight and he said that moms of 1 or more are just as good of guessers as the ultrasound when it comes to babys size!  I would definitely have to say he is about the same size as Bristol was when she was born at 40 weeks.   All in all it was a really good  appointment and I am not worried about the rest of them!  Okay well maybe I am worried about the 37 week growth scan and finding out how big he is!

On to our craft projects....

So instead of doing my chores yesterday I was finishing up Eldon's picture boards and painting his and Bristol's names!   I did Bristol's and Jeremy did Eldon's!  I really like how they came out!   I still want to do another picture board for under Bristol's name but first I have to make the changing pad cover and curtains for Eldon's room!   I really want to paint their rooms now that they are getting decorated but can't bring myself to waste the money on a rental!   I hate white walls.  If we ever buy a house there will be NO white in it what so ever!  Even the base boards and trim will be wood, NO white!   

Well that's the end of my ramblings for today, enjoy the pictures!  

Monday, December 27, 2010

35 weeks....

We have made it to 35 weeks! Yay! Only 5 more weeks! I have to say I plan on only going to 38 weeks, then I will be doing everything possible to get my giant baby out of my belly! Although I have no clue why I am in such a hurry to get him, its not like we are prepared for him! His nursery is being used as a storage/sewing/spare room at the moment! And we have no place to put all the stuff that is in there! But hey if he gets fussy I can put him in the swing! Oh and he will have clean clothes to wear because I already washed them all trying to figure out what we still needed to buy! I am debating on buying anymore newborn sizes because they think he will come out at around 9-10lbs! I have enough 3 month clothing to change his outfit every hour for the first 3 months of his life!

So this weeks to do list is:
  • clean the nursery
  • figure out what to do with all the stuff in the nursery
  • set up the crib
  • steam clean the couches!

Hopefully I can get it all done!

Yes I bravely posted pictures of my extremely messy nursery!  

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2010

Last year we didn't get Bristol presents!  We where horrible parents!  I just saw no point in getting a 3 month old gifts!  So technically this was her first Christmas!  I am so glad we waited!  Even though she has no clue who Santa Claus is or what Christmas is about she sure did enjoy ripping the wrapping paper off the gifts!  I can't wait to have Eldon here with us next Christmas!  

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Today was a nice relaxing day... well when I was in the office crafting and leaving a very grumpy Bristol for daddy to deal with!   I got a lot done today.  I finished Eldon's 2nd blanket and finally did the cork boards for Bristol's room.  I have been wanting to do these cork boards since before she was born but never got around to it!   Now all I have to do is Eldon's.  Although I do have to admit now that I see these 3 finished it makes me want to do more for over her crib!  

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Naps, where have you gone?

This week has been so challenging.  Bristol has decided she is only taking one nap a day but she doesn't know when she wants to take it!    Yesterday it was her morning nap, Friday it was her afternoon nap, today it was a mid day nap!   Haha crazy kid.  I have no problem with her going down to one nap a day she just needs to know that when shes tired because she refused to nap that she doesn't get to take it out on me!    So tomorrow hopefully she will sleep 8pm -9:00am or 9:30am and then we will try an after lunch nap!  Hopefully this will be the solution because I don't think I can take the 1 hour meltdown she has been having this past week from 7pm to 8pm!   Thankfully daddy is off work tomorrow so he can deal with the meltdown if it happens!  

Thursday, December 9, 2010

32 weeks down, forever to go!

I know its not forever but it sure feels like it!   I carried so high with Miss Bristol that I never had a hard time putting on my shoes, getting out of bed, or getting of the the floor or couch but Eldon is so low that I can't do any of these things.   When I have to pee in the middle of the night it takes me at least 3 tires to reach the side of the bed then I kind of just fling myself off hoping I land on my feet!  Last night I landed on a dog.  Ollee was not impressed!    I don't think he will be laying on my side of the bed again!  

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Maybe we will survive!

There are some days, which pretty much has been everyday for the last 2 weeks, that I think we are crazy for being pregnant again so soon.  It was planned but still I think we are crazy but then on days like today when Miss Bristol is loving on my belly I think we might just survive! 
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