Saturday, July 24, 2010

Jeremy's home!!!!!!!!!

Jeremy got back yesterday!   That made me, Bristol, and the Doggies very happy!    Bristol wasn't to sure what to think at first, I think its because Jeremy had a hat on, but as soon as she realized daddy was home she didn't let go of him!  

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bristol's day out!

Bristol had a blast at the pool yesterday!  FINALLY!   I was getting pretty worried that my baby wasn't going to like the water as much as her mommy!   But yesterday Bristol played her little heart out in the water!   She splashed, she crawled, and mainly she had a good time!  She played with trucks and cars!  Which made her daddy very proud.  We had a good day with Bex and Elizabeth!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Miss Bristol's personality!

Bristol's personality is becoming more clear by the day!  She is a very independent child.  So much so that she wont let me and Jeremy show her how to walk.  Everytime we grab on to her hands to walk with her she plants her butt on the ground.   She loves figuring out how things work and her most recent discovery was the cabinets.   I hate child proof cabinets so we where putting that task off until the very last minute.  Well here it is.   When she does get in the cabinets she likes to open and shut the door very loudly and least 10 times in a row.   But one thing is for sure about Miss Bristol is she loves her doggies.   She is learning how to throw the ball for Paije.  And let me tell you Bristol thinks that is the greatest thing in the world, on the other hand Paije thinks we are abusing her by letting Bristol have her ball.  Ollee Bear is her jungle gym and most of the time he just lays there looking at her!   Blondie is always out of Bristol's reach but when she forgets or comes out of hiding for a drink of water Bristol goes crazy.  She loves to pet Blondie.   Bristol will be 10 months old on Wednesday and I can't wait to see how much she changes in another 10 months.  
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