Friday, January 29, 2016

9 months

9 months, well like a month ago.   Still such a joy. And an ear drum killer.  Seriously this baby screams at such a high pitch with an extreme decibel its crazy.  Don't ever voluntarily ride in the car with us or sit next to her during a meal.  She screams when she is mad, she screams when she is happy, and she screams when she is bored.   So basically she is always screaming. I like to call her screech.  

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Eight Months

Proof that she did have green eyes at some point, past experience has taught me that they will soon be brown just like the 3 before her.  

Daddy, are you watching?
Daddy, want to see a trick?
How dare you not catch me fast enough!   (no babies were actually harmed in the taking of these pictures.)

Can I give you two guesses on who dressed Miss Sutter in these pictures?

Sweet Sutter Grace, 
You are eeirly quiet most of the time but when you get mad at us, you scream.  You scream so loud that even you wince because you hurt your own ears.   You also put your whole body into it.  It would be cute if we all weren't racing to cover our ears.    Mama is your only word.  Daddy says that I finally got my mommy's girl, it only took 4 tries.    Your eyes smile.   It is one of my favorite things.   Your favorite place to hang out is in your brother and sister's room.   You are the human lego detector.   You usually get to stay up a few minutes past everyone else's bed time to flirt and snuggle.   Bananas are your favorite food and if someone dares eat one without sharing giving you the whole thing, you punish their ear drums.    Standing is you current favorite thing to do followed closely by pushing the walking toy all over the living room.  


Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Seven Months

This month it only took me 18 days to get your pictures done.  I would like to blame a runny nose, grumpy non-napping baby, and cloudy days for that.    You started crawling this month, saying mama, and giggling at us.   You also feel that all new skills should be practiced around 2 or 3 am.   Mommy and Daddy aren't impressed.  We prefer the nights when you sleep for 12-13 hours.  Thankfully your party night are a rare thing.


Thursday, November 12, 2015

10 years

10 years of marriage.  I feel like that is such a big milestone.    10 years ago, could I have imagined where we would be today?  My love for Jeremy is so different that it was back then. Deeper.  It has grown and stretched.  Taught me so much.   It has shown me how to truly put another person's needs before my own. It has given me the courage to try new things.   It gave me the strength I needed to get through Sutter's birth.  I know without a doubt that this man loves me. He loves me through my grumpiness, he understands when I need to get away from everything and just be. He supports me, he pushes me to be a better person.   These last 10 years haven't been without hard times but when we signed up for this marriage gig no one said it would be easy.  Everyday it's waking up and thinking about each other needs.  It means holding my tongue when I am feeling grumpy. It means supporting him in all his dreams.  Being there when he is falling and best of all knowing he is doing the same thing for me each and every day.

10 years ago I didn't deserve this man.  God blessed me. 10 years later I still don't feel like I deserve him.  

Things I have learned in the last 10 years...

Marriage is such a beautiful thing when God is at the center.  

Never speak a negative thought about your spouse but more importantly, do your best to not even think them.  Because those thoughts in you head can easily take root in your heart.

You will talk about anything and everything with your spouse.  Really.  I can only imagine the topics we will cover in the next 20 years.

Kids will strain your marriage like no other but they also grow your marriage so much.

Change is a good thing.  So many people told us we were crazy to get married when we did.  That I needed to grow up and experience life. I am glad I am not the same person Jeremy married, marriage to this man has changed me.  He has made me better.  God has done amazing work in both of our lives.  We have changed so much.  Without him by my side who knows where I would be.  

Learn to laugh at the little things.

Find something you both love and make a point to do it.

Do something he loves even if you don't.  

And so many more things I can't think of right now.  10 years ago, I couldn't have imagined what God was going to do with our marriage, 10 years later, I can't wait to see what He does with the next 10 years.  

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Stumbling in Life

I should probably be doing my homework or getting ready for the kids lessons tomorrow but instead I am stalking the Internet for news about the CMA awards because we don't have cable so I can't watch it, watching Monk, and blogging... something I haven't done in a long time.

Life has been insanely busy lately.  I think I grossly underestimated the amount of chaos and time consumption homeschooling 2 kids was going to cause.  Homeschooling, me being the teacher, is hard.   I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders all the time.  I want to say I love it but I think a better, more accurate thing to say is I feel like this is where God wants me.  I definitely am so majorly ill-equipped to handle this and maybe that's the point.  The only way I am going to get through this, is with God's help.  But isn't that true of most things He calls us too.  If we excelled without Him, we would never recognize our need for Him.

Totally random but today I read Philemon, I have never read this particular book of the bible.  It's a good one.   I can understand why its not preached on a lot, a message about all being equal in the eyes of Christ, forgiveness, and acceptance.  That is a hard lesson to swallow.

 Meet Blue or Blue Sparkle.  He came to live with us about a month ago.  We still miss Bo everyday but having Blue around fills the void he left just a little bit.  Okay a lot a bit.  He has a death wish though.  His favorite thing to do is walk of the side of his long.  90% of the time he ends up on his back.
 My crazy family.  It is exhausting.  Some Most days I am failing.   I feel like I am drowning most of the time, not worthy of being their mother but God knows why He gave me these kiddos and I have to rest in that.   Even is those really hard moments.

I love how her owl costume came out.

 This kid sleeps in the weirdest positions.

I still haven't gotten around taking her 7 month pictures, she has been super grumpy this week.  I think its the beginning of teething but it might just be the weather change.  She follows me everywhere I go and she screams at me if I don't acknowledge her the minute I walk in the room she is in.

And that is it for tonight.  Maybe later this week I will ignore my responsibilities and blog again.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Six months

Sutter Grace,
6 months.  How?  It doesn't seem fair.   With the big 3 those first 6 months were a hard adjustment period, I enjoyed the newborn phase but I gladly welcomed the next stage.  With you, I miss your newborn days.  You meshed so well from day one.  I am enjoying this mobile phase but it came to quickly this time.    This month you mastered rolling everywhere and sitting on your own.  Right now you are working hard at crawling and learning to get into a sitting potion on your own.  You love the dogs and I frequently find you laying on Blondie.  Food.  Yeah, you got to start 2 weeks early when you stole a Cafe Rio chip out of my hand and proceeded to eat it.   If the big 3 get food before you, you let us know just how unacceptable that is.   Bristol and Eldon discovered this month that they can pick you up and walk around with you much to my dismay but it does come in hand occasionally.   You little girl, are loved.


Thursday, September 24, 2015

5 months

Sweet Sutter Grace,
You are still such an amazing little kiddo.   No one is loved more than you.   We are very blessed to have you.

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